LLLT and Quantum Neurology

Functional Neurology, Mastering Brain Chemistry and Health

Functional neurology views the brain and nervous system as a moldable, changeable entity that can be affected in its function through various stimulation pathways. This concept of the brain being able to change its function throughout life via environmental stimulation is termed ‘neuroplasticity’ and it is a large determining factor as to how we are […]

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Improve Posture While Balancing Testosterone and Cortisol

Posture and George Washington “Sit up straight!” I am sure I have heard this at least a million times in my life. I am not sure if your family was like mine or not, but we grew up with a copy of Emily Post’s book, Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home, on […]

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Apicoectomy Recovery: Quantum Neurology and Oral Surgery

Apicoectomy: What Is It? All of our teeth are held in place by roots that come from the tooth, and into the jaw. Depending on where the tooth is located in the jaw, depends on if there is one root or more. For example, front teeth usually have one root, while molars can have two […]

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