Functional Endocrinology

Functional Endocrinology and Natural Medicine in Houston

Functional Endocrinology is the Complementary and Alternative Medicine approach to hormonal imbalance.  Where “Traditional” Endocrinology focuses on hormone replacement, surgery, and medications, Functional Endocrinology uses the body’s normal response to dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, and exercise in order to balance hormone activity.

Using a Functional Endocrinology approach to health, a practitioner at The Hayden Institute reviews your history, blood and saliva tests, signs and symptoms in order to create a specific nutritional program for you.  Functional Endocrinology focuses on identifying hormonal imbalance in the body when symptoms begin to develop rather than waiting for the organs or glands develop a diseased state.

Patients at The Hayden Institute have reported changes with the following hormonal symptoms:


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