Ankle Injury Rehabilitation with Quantum Neurology and LLLT

Quantum Neurology is a safe and effective rehabilitation system that can be used to help patients with a wide variety of presenting injuries, illnesses, and conditions. An adult patient in our northwest Houston location was volunteering his time at a local school. While playing soccer with the elementary school children, he reached out with his foot to kick the ball and heard a loud pop in his ankle. His leg buckled, and with excruciating pain, he hobbled off the field, and called our office in order to get into the office.  Luckily, the ankle injury only resulted in a sever ankle sprain, with fairly extensive bleeding is indicated below:

Ankle Injuy Before Quantum Neurology

Ankle Injury Before Quantum Neurology

The traditional care program for someone with an ankle injury like this is to “Pay the PRICE, and do no HARM.” This is an acronym for treating strains/sprains for pretty much every part of the body, including the infamous ankle injury. PRICE and HARM stand for the following.

Things to do (PRICE):

  • P – Protect
  • R – Rice
  • I – Ice
  • C – Compress
  • E – Elevate

Things to avoid (HARM):

  • H – Heat
  • A – Alcohol
  • R – Running
  • M – Massage

In addition to the traditional recommendations for this patient’s ankle injury, after examining the ankle to rule out fracture, we also incorporated Quantum Neurology rehabilitation and low level light therapy (LLLT) into the care plan. Manual muscle testing of the lower body myotomes (major nerves going to muscles) demonstrated significant weakness of the ankle muscles, and pain with passive range of motion, and upon exertion. Using the GRT Lite and Quantum Neurology rehabilitation protocols for the ankle, we were able to decrease pain with range of motion within the first few minutes of the office visit. Over the course of the 15-20 minute office visit, this patient was able to perform all of the manual muscle tests of the ankle without pain, and with full range of motion, even with the level of bruising and recent ankle injury.

The patient then went home for the weekend and was encouraged to PRICE the ankle, and avoid HARM-ing it. When he came back into the office 2 days later, his ankle looked much better, and he was able to walk with minimal pain. Reevaluating his ankle with manual muscle testing, and range of motion showed that he had maintained most of the rehabilitation gains from the first visit. Using Quantum Neurology and the GRT Lite again, we were able to rehabilitate the ankle injury again in order to strengthen the injured area. The pictures of his ankle injury from the second visit after Quantum Neurology rehabilitation is below:

Ankle Injury After Quantum Neurology

Ankle Injury After Quantum Neurology

Ankle injuries, strain/sprains, and other pain related conditions tend to respond well to Quantum Neurology rehabilitation. We encourage our patients to contact our office as soon as an injury occurs so that the rehabilitation process can get started sooner rather than later. Quantum Neurology rehabilitation strengthens the nervous system to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and improve performance after an ankle injury (and most other injuries as well).

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