I Was In A Car Accident Today… Chiropractic Is Great

I Was In A Car Accident Today… Chiropractic Is Great

That is right, you read the title of the blog post correctly. This morning on my way to the office, I was involved in a minor car accident. It occurred on Jones Road, near Cypress North Houston around 8:15 AM. Traffic was stop and go this morning, and a person two cars behind me was a little slow to apply her brake. Her car rear-ended the car behind me, in turn, pushing his car into mine. Luckily everyone was more or less OK, even though the woman was a little shook up. 

I was at a complete stop when it happened, and the car that was pushed into my bumper was probably only going 5-10 MPH. Other than a few scratches, my car came out fine, and I was able to head to the office, only being a few minutes late to my 8:30 appointment. The other two cars did not fare so well, and for all intents and purposes, the other two drivers reported no injuries at the scene of the car accident.

The reason for this blog post is not to get sympathy conversation going on Facebook, or in our next office visit, but to share how grateful that I am for the availability of great chiropractic care. Even though my car is basically fine, there were no broken bones, concussions, head injuries, or serious trauma, throughout the day my neck started tightening up, and my upper back started getting stiff and sore. Over lunch I was getting frustrated that I could not get comfortable, and racking my brain to figure out what had happened to me to cause it (until I remembered that I was involved in the car accident… DUH!).

After seeing patients today, I was able to see a great friend that was willing to work some chiropractic magic in order to put me back together. It was a simple visit, and only lasted a few minutes. There was no applied kinesiology, no quantum neurology, no lasers, or fancy instruments. Just two hands that were able to identify where the imbalance was, and that provide the gentle correction that I needed. As expected, the relief was nearly instant, the pain had subsided, and the tightness was reduced.

I see patients on a daily basis, many of which are involved in car accidents themselves, or in pain for a variety of other reasons. I hear them share their miracles, improvements, relief, and gratitude for what our office is able to do in order to help them, and I am glad to be able to help, but there is a difference between hearing and feeling. Today I had the opportunity to be a patient, and benefit from the care of some excellent chiropractic care. Even though I see a chiropractor regularly myself for wellness care, I was reminded once again today that chiropractic is great, and that I am blessed to be in a profession that I love.

I hope that you do not have to participate in a car accident, or experience a lot of pain to be reminded how great chiropractic can be, but if you are in that situation, we look forward to helping you to become a believer. Stay safe out there!

Car Accident

In case you did not read this article.. this is not my car from the car accident.

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