GOOD DEEDS and Good News!

A patient in the office shared this picture with me from a book that she made for her father. Her father made “GOOD DEED” cards that he would pass out to random individuals when he witnessed the good deeds that they performed. To honor her aging father, the patient in the office went to certain individuals that had performed good deeds and took pictures of the “Good Do-ers” in order for her father to see the good works of others.

The good news is I made the cut. 🙂

The page reads, “This man is my chiropractor. His GOOD DEEDS include his encouragement of me to strive to be healthy – body, mind, and spirit. He has always had a great attitude and has worked me into his schedule if a problem arises. He took extra “GOOD DEED” cards to share with his cub scout troop.”

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  • Melanie McDonald -

    This man has always been a “GOOD DEED” doer. And that smile, well…Love you Dr. Chase! 😉

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