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Your Husband Really Can’t Smell That, And How To Ensure He Doesn’t Get Alzheimer’s

A recent article published in the journal PLOS ONE indicates that women may have a better sense of smell than men due to having more cells dedicated in their olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is the region of the brain that is first involved in smelling something. When an odor first hits your nose, aroma […]

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Check Out some Pictures of The Hayden Institute’s New Office

As many of you know, the northwest Houston office of The Hayden Institute recently moved locations. It has been an interesting and chaotic few weeks as we were office-less for 3 days. During those 3 days were were making house calls, doing phone consults, and hand delivering supplements to patients.  It was an interesting few […]

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Ankle Injury Rehabilitation with Quantum Neurology and LLLT

Quantum Neurology is a safe and effective rehabilitation system that can be used to help patients with a wide variety of presenting injuries, illnesses, and conditions. An adult patient in our northwest Houston location was volunteering his time at a local school. While playing soccer with the elementary school children, he reached out with his […]

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