Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation with Complete Quadriplegia

Quantum neurology rehabilitation focuses on neurological rehabilitation and function in the body. A doctor trained in quantum neurology will systematically evaluate every major nerve in the body, and then attempt to facilitate, or strengthen, the nerve communication of the under-functioning areas. Quantum neurology was developed by Dr. George Gonzalez, a chiropractor from Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Gonzalez’s wife experienced a spinal cord injury after a visit to a massage therapist that attempted to manipulate her low back, which injury ultimately led to cauda equina-like symptoms. Following multiple visits to neurological specialists, in both traditional, and non-traditional fields, Dr. Gonzalez was encouraged to increase his knowledge of functional neurology in order to help maintain the improvements that one chiropractic neurologist was able to help her achieve.

Today, there are hundreds of doctors trained in quantum neurology rehabilitation throughout the world, with the majority concentrated in the United States of America. In the state of Texas, there are approximately 20 doctors that have received some level of training in quantum neurology, with 6 that have completed the highest level of training, earning the certification of Quantum Neurologist. Dr. Chase Hayden was one of the original eight certified Quantum Neurologists.

Quantum neurology rehabilitation has been used with a variety of injuries, illnesses, and conditions. Recently, Dr. Dave Pascal, a Quantum Neurologist from North Carolina, posted to Facebook the following story and video of a patient he has been working with that was diagnosed with complete quadriplegia after a motor vehicle accident.

Four and a half years ago Carlton rolled into my office in a fully motorized wheelchair. Originally diagnosed as a Complete Quadriplegic following a severe automobile accident; his C5 and C6 vertebra had to be surgically fused and most of his spine was now held together by a pair of metal rods.

With limited core muscle function Carlton’s body was strapped into the chair so could even be in a seated position. He could only partially move his left wrist and fingers, but that was enough to allow him to use a joystick and thus control his wheelchair.

After a couple of months treating him with Quantum Neurology he had enough control over his neck and core trunk muscles that he was able to sit without the straps. Enough nerve function and muscle strength returned to his arms that he was able to move into a regular wheelchair controlled and powered by his own arms.

Over time Quantum Neurology turned the power back on in his nervous system. And Carlton’s hard work and occupational therapy strengthened those atrophied muscles.

The road to recovery is always slower than we want it to be. But it is a journey I am blessed to play a role in. Watch the attached video to see what Carlton did for the first time ever in my [Dr. Pascal’s] office:

Quantum neurology uses low level light therapy (LLLT) to help facilitate neurological rehabilitation. LLLT has a growing amount of both clinical and scholarly research that contributes to the effectiveness of neurorehabilitation.

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