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Quantum Neurology - GRT LITE

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation – GRT LITE

Quantum Neurology focuses on the evaluation and and rehabilitation of every major nerve in the body.  Proper nerve function is essential for health and well-being.  Nerves control every function in your body, and when they become dysfunctional, a symptom develops. In order to wiggle your toes, walk, identify temperature changes, breathe, have your heart beat, or any other function in your body, a nerve has to send a message.

Many symptoms that most patients have come to deal with on a daily basis have a neurological component to them.  When these neurological messages are not communicating effectively from the brain and spinal cord to the different parts of the body like they should, Quantum Neurology rehabilitation is beneficial. Any time a nerve is not working appropriately, your body loses stability, and symptoms have a greater chance of presenting.

Quantum Neurology focuses on allowing nerves that may be associated with painful or debilitating injuries, illnesses, or conditions to stabilize so that the body can heal itself. This safe non-invasive technique that allows the doctor to evaluate, strengthen, and rehabilitate every major nerve in the body. This is accomplished with a specific series of upper and lower body muscle strength tests designed to evaluate the entire spinal cord, as well as strengthening the nerves with light therapy, and gentle joint mobilization. Often, patients are able feel an immediate improvement in their presenting symptoms as the nervous system improves in function.


Many patients have reported improvements with the following conditions after receiving Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation sessions at The Hayden Institute

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