Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation with Post-Surgical Aneurysm

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation with Post-Surgical Brain Aneurysm


In April 2007, a 51-year-old male four days after aneurysm surgery was in the intensive care unit. The patient’s family was told that a baseball-sized aneurysm was removed from the patient’s skull and that, if he survives, he will be neurologically impaired physically and mentally. The family was also told that if the patient lives, he will need a full-time caregiver to attend to his needs.


The patient presented with a right-sided stroke pattern, left-sided facial palsy, and muscle weakness on the entire left side of his body. He complained of discomfort from the catheter. The patient’s speech was weak and slurred. He had a large scar, riddled with surgical staples, and shaped like a question mark starting at his hairline following the temporal bone to the top of the ear and then downward toward the front of the ear.



The patient’s family started using the GRT LITE™ directly over the surgery site while he was still in ICU. The GRT LITE™ was used constantly by the patient throughout his recovery. The patient received five Quantum Neurology™ rehabilitation sessions in four days. He received Cranial Nerve and Motor rehabilitation, as well as G-POI™ and Allergy desensitization (Quantum Neurology protocols).


The patient’s staples were removed seven days after the surgery because his scar was fully healed. Eight days after his surgery, he left the hospital. He was able to walk without assistance; he had zero neurological deficits and had regained full speech ability. He had also rehabilitated full motor strength and function to his face and his body. The patient regained his stamina over the next few weeks and began working five weeks after the surgery.

“I feel that it is important to mention that the patient’s entire nervous system had already been strengthened with Quantum Neurology™ Rehabilitation before his aneurysm. I feel that this allowed his nervous system to withstand the stress of his aneurysm and speed up his recovery.” – Dr. George Gonzalez

FOLLOW-UP: October 27, 2007 (6 months later) 

The patient has recovered fully from the aneurysm and surgery. He has made some lifestyle changes in diet and exercise. He has reduced his weight by 40 pounds. He has enjoyed two family vacations, the first to a water park and the second to Disney World. His family reported that he outpaced and outlasted everyone else in the family. The patient directly attributes his neurological rehabilitation to Quantum Neurology™ and the GRT LITE™

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