Cyrex Lab Testing and Functional Immunology

Cyrex Lab Testing and Functional Immunology

“You are what you eat” was a phrase I grew up hearing frequently.  Want to be a fat filled jelly doughnut when you grow up? Easy!  Want to be alive, vibrant and energetic? Just as easy.  Unfortunately, it is not all about what we eat, but also what we absorb.  If our digestive system is impaired, injured, or inflamed, even the healthiest of diets may not be enough for complete symptomatic relief.  In these situations herbs, supplements, and specific nutrients can be the missing link to changing one’s health status.

But what if you eat a healthy diet, AND take appropriate nutritional support based on your symptoms, yet are still symptomatic?  Luckily, we have Cyrex Labs.  Cyrex Labs helps doctors and patients to sift through the healthy foods that we are consuming, and determine if they are stimulating an immune response in our body.  For many people, a gluten free diet is an excellent way to decrease inflammation, and improve their level of health.  Gluten free and dairy free diets are popular, and many people benefit from them, but sometimes our body reacts to gluten free foods with a similar immunological response.

Cyrex Labs has a variety of tests that are of use to our office when helping patients that are struggling with symptoms, even though their blood tests are normal.  Cyrex Labs can test for intestinal permeability, autoimmune responses to gluten and gluten-derived proteins, gluten cross reactive responses and molecular mimicry from gluten as well as autoimmune reactions to a variety of of bodily tissues.

In practice, I frequently run blood tests to help my patients determine which foods are inducing more inflammation and immunological response than others, and Cyrex Labs has helped me in this process.  Below is a great video that demonstrates the relationship between what we absorb, and the possible immunological effects that can be triggered within us.  The video can be found on Cyrex Lab‘s webpage, as well as on YouTube.

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