Weight Loss Success Stories!

Weight Loss Success Stories!

When it comes to health and wellness, we do our best to “practice what we preach” in the office.  Our family follows a gluten/dairy/soy/corn free diet 95+% of the time, and it has become a habit of health that we have decided to follow.  For family gatherings, special events, or other certain gatherings, we bend the rules a little bit, knowing that there may be symptomatic repercussions.  For most patients, eating really well 350 days out of the year will keep symptoms in balance, significantly improve blood testing values, and help them achieve their ideal weight.  We always tell our patients that the food programs we go on should not be a death sentence, but are a starting point to achieve the level of health that they deserve.  For many of our patients, as their symptoms change, and they are feeling much better, they frequently decide to maintain the dietary improvements, and continue feeling well by avoiding “cheat” days.

It is a great feeling when someone achieves their health and weight goals.  There are many programs that have demonstrated success in helping people lose weight and feel better.  I feel that these successes should be celebrated when they happen.  This month’s issue of Health Magazine features someone that was able to finally shed 51 lbs of pregnancy weight that she had been holding on to, years after her last child was born.

Lexy Health Magazine - Weight Loss

Ty Hinson, holding Alexis Hinson’s article from Health Magazine,    October 2012

This article is special, not only because a 38 year old woman was able to lose 51 lbs, but because it is my sister that was able to do it.  Alexis (Lexy) Hinson is a great example to women everywhere of what is possible.  She committed to to a health goal, and set out to achieve it.  She followed a specific eating regimen, exercised frequently, and was consistent with her program.  In doing so, she has started a blog in order to encourage others to achieve their goals, and share with others. Her blog, FireLitesFire is the journey of 3 sister-in-laws that track their diet, their exercise, and share success stories with others, because just as a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, success stories can be used to encourage others to achieve success as well.

Nathan is another example of a weight loss success story.

Nathan - Weight Loss - Before-After

Nathan – Weight Loss – Before and After

Once again, this is a great story and example of someone that took control of their health, made certain dietary and fitness changes, and was able to witness significant changes in weight loss, and improved health.  In 3 months of eating a specific diet, and increasing his physical activity, he was able to document significant changes.  Nathan, age 34, is my older brother, and his complete interview can be located at the FireLitesFire blog.

In addition to being exciting weight loss stories, they are extra special as they include members of my immediate family.  Some times family gatherings are tough because we are on different food programs or diets, and not everyone follows a gluten/dairy/soy/corn free diet, but to see changes in health, energy, fatigue, and weight is exciting to see.

What changes are you making in your life? How are you moving towards improved health and wellness? Make the decision today to retake control of your health, lose weight, and become a healthier individual.

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