Gluten May Be Causing Your Seizures (or those of someone you love)

Gluten May Be Causing Your Seizures (or those of someone you love)

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and cross contaminated oats, has been shown to be one of the four most common inflammatory foods.

Gluten is found in wheat barley and rye

Gluten – Found in wheat, barley, and rye

Along with casein (a protein found in milk), genetically modified (GMO) corn, and genetically modified (GMO) soy, gluten has been associated with a variety of health conditions.  The protein gluten has the potential to induce inflammation through both the immune system, as well as activating the opiate centers of the brain.  Those that have been diagnosed with epilepsy may find that the simple act of consuming their favorite gluten filled foods are the cause of the seizure activity in their brain.

“One study demonstrated that epileptics who experience the much more serious generalized (grand mal) seizures were twice as likely (19.6 percent compared to 10.6 percent) to have gluten sensitivity in the form of increased levels of antigliadin antibodies without celiac disease.” William Davis, MD, from the book Wheat Belly
A simple blood test can help you to know if wheat, or it’s derivatives, are problematic for you. Additionally, removing gluten from the diet, lotions, shampoos, and other topical products could provide great insight as to the association of gluten and seizure activity. Contact our office to learn more:
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