Gluten Intolerance: 12 Symptoms that Probably Mean that YOU Have It

Gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity, is a growing concern for many people. Some critics believe this is the latest “fad” or Hollywood craze, but the patients in our office that have removed this inflammatory food from their diet and witnessed a significant change in their symptoms are unconcerned with the opinions of others.+Pauli Halstead recently posted a great article to  highlighting twelve common symptomatic areas relating to gluten sensitivities.

Digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, cramps, diarrhea and constipation are the most common symptoms associated with gluten imbalances due to the correlation of developing Celiac Disease, but there are many more.

Headaches, neurological impairments, pain, fatigue, and autoimmune conditions are only a few of the devastating symptoms that can be associated with gluten intolerance.  Check out Pauli’s article to see if you may be experiencing symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

If you are experiencing symptoms that may be associated with eating gluten, certain tests can be performed in order to confirm that gluten (or other common inflammatory foods) are truly the cause of your symptoms. In our office, we most frequently test through Cyrex Labs in order to determine gluten (and other food) reactions. For testing information contact our office:

Wheat Gluten, The Culprit for So Many IllsWheat Gluten, The Culprit for So Many Ills
Just imagine if the Surgeon General’s warning on a loaf of bread stated: Wheat consumption, in all forms, poses potentially serious threats to health.

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