Pediatric Chiropractic at The Hayden Institute

Chiropractic care has been shown to be an effect course of treatment for pain relief, increasing range of motion, and functional improvement. Additionally, many individuals benefit from chiropractic care even when they are not experiencing pain.  Chiropractic services not only help adults to achieve the level of health they deserve, but can also assist children with a variety of symptoms.

Research from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association indicates that in addition to migraine headaches, back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions, pediatric chiropractic services can be beneficial for children in many ways. Breastfeeding difficulties, extremity tremors, asthma, Tourette’s Syndrome, infantile colic, sleep disorders, learning disorders, and constipation are only a few of the many disorders that have been documented to improve with pediatric chiropractic care. At The Hayden Institute, we see a variety of pediatric chiropractic patients, for a variety of reasons. Through our comprehensive exam and analysis, we look at them from a structural (chiropractic) standpoint, in addition to neurological and nutritional evaluations in order to identify the cause of their symptoms. We have had pediatric patients as young as 12 hours old that have received their first chiropractic evaluation in our office.

Dr. Chase Hayden - Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr. Chase Hayden – Pediatric Chiropractic

This 6 month old was having difficulty with daily bowel activity. Painful, sluggish bowels affected his ability to sleep, and eat, while also leaving his mom worried and concerned. After his first pediatric chiropractic adjustment, and office visit, his mother reported that over the next few days his bowel movements increased in frequency, and that he was already demonstrating positive improvements.  Her most exciting news was that he was able to have three bowel movements in one day, something that he had never been able to do before, following his first chiropractic appointment.Needless to say, this six month old that was frequently constipated and struggled with optimum digestion was able to benefit from chiropractic care. Both he and his mother are happy with his first visit, even with my cheesy grin.Chiropractic care does not have to be pain related, and pediatric chiropractic services can create a noticeable difference to the health and wellness of even the younger members of your family.For more information on pediatric chiropractic services in both the north and south offices, contact us here:

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