Chiropractic Research: The Top 10 Studies from 2013

Chiropractic, and chiropractors, have an interesting reputation in the field of medicine. Viewpoints range from the greatest thing since sliced bread, to voodoo magic and quackery. One of the biggest challenges that chiropractors face from the scientific medical community is quality research that either proves, or disproves the effectiveness of chiropractic services.Traditionally, chiropractic has been associated with pain relief, spinal problems, sports injuries, and headaches, mostly because a lot of research done by chiropractors has emphasized those areas. Anecdotal  reports from patients and chiropractors alike are full of symptoms and conditions improving across a wide spectrum. Infertility issues, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune conditions, neurological problems, digestive stress, and many more are some of the stories I could tell from what patients have shared with me. From what I have seen in practice, barring medical emergencies, counseling with a chiropractor that is knowledgeable in diet and nutrition should be a part of every patient’s medical program. At the conclusion of 2013, ChiroNexus, a chiropractic support site, published their list of the top 10 chiropractic studies. Some of the research that they mention demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractors in a variety of ways, including some of the following:
– Chiropractic shown to be effective according to MRI studies
– The American Medical Association (AMA) published an article recommends seeing a chiropractor for low back pain, before surgery.
– Chiropractic was shown to help lower blood pressure
– Chiropractic adjustments (manipulation) was as effective as low back epidurals for pain relief
– Chiropractic is an effective procedure for frozen shoulder syndrome
– And more…To see the full article from ChiroNexus, click here.As New Year’s resolutions are made, and  health goals are determined, be sure to include a chiropractor as part of your medical team. In you are in the Houston area, we have a chiropractor available in Northwest Houston, and one in Pearland to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Feel free to visit our webpage and see how chiropractic is a good fit for you.
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