Must Read E-mail From a Patient

We receive emails, stories, testimonials, and encouragement from many of our patients on a weekly basis. One such email stuck out over this last week, so I thought I would share it with yall: “I just wanted to say thank you for a few things…. Taking the time to send me the Betafood Supplement. It […]

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GOOD DEEDS and Good News!

A patient in the office shared this picture with me from a book that she made for her father. Her father made “GOOD DEED” cards that he would pass out to random individuals when he witnessed the good deeds that they performed. To honor her aging father, the patient in the office went to certain […]

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Back Pain & Knee Pain – Chiropractic and Quantum Neurology

Back pain and knee pain affect many individuals and can be debilitating.  A patient at the Hayden Institute in northwest Houston, Texas discusses the back pain and knee pain relief she has felt in only three visits through gentle chiropractic adjustments, and Quantum Neurology rehabilitation techniques.  

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