Functional Endocrinology

Weight Loss and the Role of Hormones

Looking sexy and living a healthy life is a high priority in more of our lives.  When we step on that scale and see a weight higher than we would prefer, we usually make the decision to change what we are eating and to start exercising.  However there is more to our weight management than […]

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Hypothyroidism, Neurotransmitters, and Brain Function

Hypothyroidism is a growing concern among Americans, especially among women. Estimates claim that over 20 million Americans currently have a thyroid condition, with the majority of these thyroid imbalances being hypothyroidism. For most patients, symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, and brain fog become frustrating enough, that the patient chooses to […]

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Thyroid Imbalance Infographic

Thyroid imbalance is a common problem that we see among our female patients in the office. While updating the “thyroid page” for the website, I decided to make an infographic to illustrate the prevalence and issue behind thyroid concerns. This is the first infographic I have ever made, so feedback is always welcome.

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