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Dr. Hayden Returns to Houston’s Paleo-Primal Meetup Group

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Dr. Chase Hayden was once again invited to speak to Houston’s Paleo and Primal Meetup Group. Members of the paleo group participated in a presentation that lasted for about 45 minutes in the office of The Hayden Institute. Some local celebrities in the Houston paleo meetup group were in attendance, […]

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9 Myths About Weight Loss

1. The best way to lose weight is with a very strict diet. Both true and untrue.  We need to lose weight in a healthy way.  A few pounds a week is ideal.  Many people think that a calorie restricted diet is the way to go.  This is an error.  It is better to eat […]

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Your Husband Really Can’t Smell That, And How To Ensure He Doesn’t Get Alzheimer’s

A recent article published in the journal PLOS ONE indicates that women may have a better sense of smell than men due to having more cells dedicated in their olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is the region of the brain that is first involved in smelling something. When an odor first hits your nose, aroma […]

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