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Week 4 Grocery Experiment

Week 4 Grocery Experiment Week 4 and going strong.  This week there were some sales at Sprouts that I couldn’t pass up so I stalked up!  I bought extra boneless skinless chicken thighs and extra ground beef.  The meal plan for this week is as follows: Stuffed Cabbage Avocado and Tomato Cauliflower tortilla wraps (grain free) […]

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Week 3 Grocery experiment

Still have plenty of food.  Still have left overs.  And I am still saving money.  In fact I went shopping with some of the money I have saved but shhhh don’t tell my husband!  This week I will not be going grocery shopping because we will be eating most of our meals at my moms […]

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Week 2 budget experiment and "How’s it going"

So week one went great.  We didn’t run out of food and had plenty of leftovers that my husband ate for work instead of buying seperate lunches!   Yaa for week one.  Now to be honest if I hadn’t gotten sick we might not of had quite as much left overs but it was still […]

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