Low Back Pain Re-Imagined: Dural Torque

Low back pain is something that has caused issues for many individuals for as long as people can remember.  For some, it is caused by some sort of trauma like lifting or turning.  When this occurs, someone will put on ice or get some type of therapy and feels better.  For others, it can be […]

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Sitting Disease, Nintendoitis, and Text Neck – Relieving the Aches and Pains of Technology

Technology is amazing. Have you ever thought about how blessed we are as a society that we have the scientific, medical, and technological advances that we have at our fingertips? How many people since Adam and Eve (or our caveman ancestors) have come and gone on this world, and never had the chance to experience […]

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Your Husband Really Can’t Smell That, And How To Ensure He Doesn’t Get Alzheimer’s

A recent article published in the journal PLOS ONE indicates that women may have a better sense of smell than men due to having more cells dedicated in their olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is the region of the brain that is first involved in smelling something. When an odor first hits your nose, aroma […]

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