Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief with Weight Loss

Once upon a time, a woman entered the Hayden Institute of Friendswood with complaints of pain in both arms as a result of cervical disc protrusion that had calcified.  This pain made life difficult and rendered this woman unable to do many of her daily activities.  This is her story after a few visits.   […]

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Cold and Flu Season is Here, How Can Acupuncture Help?

When most people think of acupuncture, they think of back pain, headache, weight loss, and stopping smoking.  However, it can also be used to boost ones immune system.  This can be very beneficial in the winter months when many experience cold and flu type symptoms. How can acupuncture help boost my immune system? In our […]

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Anxiety and Acupuncture

Anxiety is one of the most common issues that afflict individuals around the world.  A large majority of people suffer a minor form of anxiety while others have have break down and cannot function in response to stressful situations.  Many times, an anxiety attack occurs because someones mind is being overstimulated and fails to develops […]

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